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As I showcased my game at a Games Wales meet up on Thursday, I took the opportunity to fix some bugs and improve some other stuffs.

I had a really good time there and a lot of people tried and seemed to enjoy my game! 

Tell me if you enjoyed Catch the Crown too :) and please do not hesitate to let your feedback in the comments!


  •  a new level (you can access the source file at ./tournament/jungle_level02.tmx)
  • add new parameter to tweak in the preference file (i.e. in ./preference/preferences.json). Now you can change:
    •  the duration of the tournament turns, 
    • the number of victories needed to win a tournament, and
    •  the ratio of money that goes to the Crown when collecting coin.
  • add title and links to itch.io / twitter on the main menu and pause menu
  • fix level list in the tournament menu (it was displaying levels that did not exist)
  • fix level random selection
  • fix moving platform issue: they could go off track if a frame drop occurred
  • improve keyboard navigation in menu (escape key to show menu, space key to select and go to next level, W and S keys to navigate in menus)


Catch the Crown - Windows version 82 MB
May 20, 2017
Catch the Crown - Linux version 58 MB
May 20, 2017
Catch the Crown - Mac version 86 MB
May 20, 2017

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