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Catch The Crown

In Short

Catch The Crown is a local competitive arena platform game. Playable from 2 to 4 players with controllers / keyboard.

Note that the game still runs when there is only one player so that you can try it.


Collect coins until the time is up ...

Four teenager Prabbits - half parrot, half rabbit creatures - are undertaking their Coming-of-Age ritual.

They are spawned in an arena with a crown and a timer. Once the crown is picked up by a Prabbit, coins, diamonds and rubies appear across the level. Only the Prabbit with the crown can collect them.

A competition starts between Prabbits to catch the crown and collect gold. When the timer ends, the richer Prabbit wins.

While putting the others temporarily out

The Prabbits have several ways to hurt each other. They can throw spires, slap each other, pick up another Prabbit and make a lethal throw.

To slap someone increases their fatigue (fatigue marks on his head), which will increase the respawning time the next time they die. Time is precious - the longer a player is waiting to respawn, the less they can collect gold or change the outcome of the game.


Note that you have access to the assets of the game so that you can replace the sounds, graphics, or even make your own levels.

You can also simply configure the preference file to rename your characters, change the controls and change the resolution.

Furthermore information at:


Install instructions

Unzip the zip file and run the executable file! :)

It seems that some anti-virus, such as Avira, can corrupt/delete the .exe file by analysing it after the first download. If this appends, download the game again; this time, the anti-virus should recognise the .exe file as safe and it should run.

If your controller does not work, Xbox 360 controllers can be emulated with software such as Better DS3 (available here).


Catch the Crown - Windows version 82 MB
Catch the Crown - Linux version 58 MB
Catch the Crown - Mac version 86 MB

Development log


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A very fun game to spend the evening with a couple of friends and a pizza! Original game play, cute characters (love the funny noises they make!), and I think quite a clever design with the way the coin collection is distributed, etc. Encourages a combination of co-operation and competitiveness.

We didn't intend to spend too much time on it, but time passed very quickly and we kept playing for well over an hour (I think it's better with controllers :) ). Anyway, we very much enjoyed the experience, and I totally recommend!