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Release and then move on …

I know, I know, I actually don't have any followers to read this for now, but, you know, it is still fun to write and do "as if" :) The following was originally posted on my blog:

Finally! After 3 years of uneven and chaotic development (partly due to a PhD), it feels like that's the right time to finalize and ship my first video game.

How it feels like to ship a game!

Catch the Crown is the first game I made with libGDX. It is a multiplayer arena platform game. My pride is that it feels like I am shipping an actual game: it can be run, played and it delivers fun (to my friends at least!).

Please find more details about customization on the Project Page.

The Story

I made up most of the story and gameplay with one of my best friends on a 7 hours road trip to Edinburgh :). The basic idea is that in the tribe of the Prabbits - half parrot, half rabbit creatures - four teenagers are undertaking their "Coming-of-Age" ritual.

Three teenager Prabbits chilling out before the Coming-of-Age ritual...

The Gameplay

The Prabbits are spawned on a map where there is one Crown while a timer in running. Once the Crown is picked up by a Prabbit, coins, diamonds and rubies appear across the level. Only the Prabbit with the Crown can collect them. When collected part of the money goes to the Prabbit's gold chest while the other part goes in the Crown itself.

Only the Prabbit with the Crown can collect treasures

A competition starts between Prabbits as everyone wants to catch the Crown and be able to collect gold. When the timer ends, it is the richer Prabbit that wins the turn; players need to win 3 turns to win the tournament and be declared King of the Tournament (see Screenshot1).

The Character Actions

The Prabbits have several ways to hurt each other. They can throw lances, slap each other, pick up another Prabbit and make a lethal throw. To slap someone increase their fatigue (fatigue marks on his head), which will increase the respawning time the next time they die. Time is precious - the longer a player is waiting to respawn, the less they can collect gold or change the outcome of the game.

Spear, Slap, Trap Combo! I was alone recording, that's why Red is not moving :P

What was not implemented

Originally, Catch The Crown was thought to be a cooperative and competitive 2D platform game. A Shaman would have explained the competitive rules to the teenager Prabbits. During a round, the players would have a common gold chest in addition to their own. The next level would be unlocked only if the common chest reaches a certain amount of Gold (you can still see this chest in the GUI).

The levels would have been designed to force cooperative behaviour to get more common Gold. Furthermore, the Shaman would summon creatures against which the Prabbits need to fight in cooperation. Thus, to win a tournament would encourage a competitive gameplay, while to unlock a new level would encourage a cooperative gameplay.

Maybe later I will do a sequel where I will implement more of the stuff I wanted originally. In any case, I will probably come back with new levels for this version of the game. Hope you enjoy the game!


Catch the Crown - Windows version 82 MB
May 13, 2017
Catch the Crown - Linux version 62 MB
May 13, 2017
Catch the Crown - Mac version 62 MB
May 13, 2017

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